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ZZZP.) Visceral Mobilization: Freeing Fascial Layers among the Organs (Seattle October 18-20, 2024)


Product Description

Instructor: Lauren Christman, LMT, CCST; NCBTMB #450788-08

The ability of the organs to glide freely around each other is vital, not only for the physiological task of each organ, but also for overall movement through the torso. Exploration of these fascial layers surrounding organs starts with a 'topographical' tour of the anatomy: where are the organs, what is their shape and how are they accessed? Refining our palpation of soft-tissue structures is highlighted as a part of both assessment and treatment.

Learn techniques to release fascial restrictions in the following abdominal organs: liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, small and large intestines, bladder and kidneys. The lungs, bronchi and mediastinum are included. We'll work with the client in a variety of positions, to give us flexibility and versatility when approaching the organs.

Manual treatment will focus on mobilization, rather than motility, using direct and indirect contact. We'll discuss how to gauge one's application of force to meet the restriction, so that we treat safely and effectively, without overriding the body’s limits. Includes consideration of:

  • scar tissue as a possible limitation of movement
  • how whiplash and chronic stress effect the organs
  • post-partum recovery strategies
  • releasing the diaphragm as the key muscular ‘operator’ for organ mobility, and
  • simple self-care strategies for maintaining free movement of the organs

This is a good class for practitioners who focus on structural bodywork, deep tissue, sports massage and other biomechanical methods, and want to add this critical geography to your work. It’s also a good class for those who have studied light-touch methods and want to clarify their palpation and widen their skillset. (For those interested in motility-oriented visceral work, we will offer Visceral Listening in 2019.)

Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite. The ability to perceive motility (CRI or mid-tide) will enhance your learning, but it is not required.

Reviewers Discount: If you have taken this class previously through the Therapeutic Training Center, you may review it at a $185 discount on tuition. The reviewer's price for this class is $225 (reg price $410). If you are eligible for the reviewer's discount, please call 206.853.6875 to register or register by mail as the website only offers classes at the regular price.

Teacher Masking Policy: Masking is recommended, but is optional in this class, each person can choose to wear a mask, or not. For our masking policy and how to prepare for class, please click HERE.

What to Bring: A flat sheet, flower, writing utensils and a journal/notebook. Please wear loose clothing for ease of movement since we will be using the massage tables, chairs and the floor in our classroom for technique. Please leave everything not needed for class in your vehicle or at home. Use a large tote bag (think beach tote) or suitcase to contain your "what to bring items".

Travel Recommendation:  If you are traveling by plane, train or long-distance bus to attend class, please click HERE to read our recommendations for traveling and attending class.


Deposits and Registration Options: Payments can be made to the Therapeutic Training Center by cash, check or credit card. A deposit of $100 may be made to guarantee a spot as long as full payment is made by the first day of class. To make a deposit on the class, please call 206.853.6875 to pay with a credit or debit card or follow the instructions for mailing in a registration by clicking on this link for the mail-in Registration Form and just follow the directions on the form.  Unfortunately, the website will not handle partial payments so deposits cannot be made online.

Class Date: October 18-20, 2024
Class Times: Friday-Sunday 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Location: Seattle Location 2 -- Staybridge Suites (please click on the link for location details)
Cost: $410
Cost/Hour: $19.52/hr
Hours: 21

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