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Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy

Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy Certification with Raizelah Bayen, LMT


raizelah-bayen.jpgThe Therapeutic Training Center is hosting the "Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy" (ICCMT) Certification program taught by Raizelah Bayen, LMT.

The Certification Program is expressly designed for students who want to integrate Chinese Medicine into their bodywork practice. It offers comprehensive training in both theory and hands-on skills, both rooted in the Chinese approach to health. Class time is also divided between:

  • Presentations of foundational theories of Chinese Medicine
  • Hands-on practicum of techniques in Acupressure, Meridian Massage Therapies, and Aroma Acutouch Therapy
  • Practices to cultivate embodied presence
  • Self-care (using self-acupressure and Chinese self-massage techniques) to cultivate your Chi
Please click on the following links for information:

This program is rooted in Chinese Meridian and Chinese Five Element theories. It moves students beyond the application of session protocols, and fosters skills in assessment, and session planning in response to individual client needs. The Acupressure techniques learned in class (Jin Shin Acupressure, Aroma Acutouch Therapy, T’ui Na, and Table Shiatsu) will be practiced both on the self and on other students. Practices for the development of embodied presence will enable students to “touch” clients more deeply (physically, emotionally, and spiritually), to provide a container for clients’ potential emotional release, to offer compassionate listening, and to respond in a way that is both supportive and within our scope of practice as manual therapists.

Practices for Chi cultivation give students a felt experience of the benefits of this work. They become their own testimony to the efficacy of this approach. Feeling the benefits of these Chi balancing techniques will inform the students on how to use these techniques with clients.

Homework consists primarily of practicing the techniques learned in class on the self or another person each week. Some study is required for the 4 quizzes administered throughout the program. Upon completion of the 5 Certification Courses in the program, the Homework Tracker Forms, the required student exchanges, and quizzes with a score of 75% or higher, then the student will receive a certificate in Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy.

ICCMT Certification Program Calendar

Dates Class Title CE Hrs
Jan 25-26, 2025 Acupressure’s Potent Points for Common Complaints 16
Feb 22-23, 2025 Chinese Meridian Acupressure (24 hours total) held on Feb 22, 23 and continued on Mar 22. 16
Mar 22-23, 2025 Chinese Meridian Acupressure completed on Mar 22
Meridian Massage Therapy started on Mar 23
Apr 12-13, 2025 Meridian Massage Therapy (24 hours total) -- continued from March 23
May 17-19, 2025 Aroma Acutouch Therapy to Balance the Chinese Five Elements 24
June 7-9, 2025 Chinese Acupressure to Regulate the Five Element Cycles 24

Unless otherwise indicated, all classes are 9am - 6pm and 8 hours of class each day.

Certification Program Overview

Certification Program requirements are as follows:

  • 5 Courses:
    • Acupressure’s Potent Points for Common Complaints (16 class hours)
    • Chinese Meridian Acupressure (24 class hours)
    • Meridian Massage Therapy (combines T’ui Na & Table Shiatsu) (24 class hours)
    • Aroma Acutouch Therapy to Balance the Chinese Five Elements (24 class hours)
    • Chinese Acupressure to Regulate the Five Element Cycles (24 class hours)
  • 60 minutes of Hands-on Practice is required each week and is recorded on the Homework Tracker Form (24 hours total). Weekly practice can be divided into two 30-minute sessions or four 15-minute sessions. Weekly practice can be performed on yourself or on others, with a minimum of half the practice time on other people.
  • 3 two-way exchanges with fellow students (each session minimum of 60 minutes for a total of at least 6 hours) along with a Case Assessment/Write-up (see description in Homework section)
  • Successful completion of 4 quizzes (score of 75% or higher)
  • Completion of Final Homework Project of providing a Case Assessment/Write-up of four 60-minute sessions
  • Total of 112 in-class clock hours
  • Total of 142 hours of class, practice sessions, and trades, not including written assignments or study
ICMMT Certification Program Prerequisites


  • Enrolling students need to be licensed in one of the following professions: massage therapy, naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, midwifery, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, osteopathy or any other profession that has massage in its scope of practice.
  • Enrolling students need to be physically able to complete classes and homework as assigned.
  • Enrolling students need to have practical resources in place (time, financial, emotional, work, family, etc) to fully participate in these programs and to support the personal development that may accompany this training.
  • Enrolling students need to maintain malpractice insurance during their program.
  • Required prerequisite: any Acupressure course offered by the teacher, or by permission of the instructor. Some of the classes that fulfill this requirement are: Pregnancy Massage & Acupressure, Oncology Massage & Acupressure, Acupressure’s Potent Points Day 1 or Day 2, or Balance the Nervous System with Tools from Chinese Medicine Day 1 or Day 2, Chinese Meridian Acupressure, Aroma Acutouch Therapy to Balance the Chinese 5 Elements. If you have a question about what qualifies, please inquire.

To see a list of currently scheduled classes by Raizelah Bayen that can be used to satisfy the prerequisite requirement, click HERE.

ICMMT Certification Program Tuition

Tuition   $2,120 (includes a $250 deposit due with registration, $100 is non-refundable)
Foam Pad (Required) $20-$200    
Booklets (Required) $114    
Essential Oils (Required) $526    
  Additional Expenses (est'd)*   $660-$840  
Total Program Expenses (est'd)   $2,780-$2,960  

* Additional Expenses will vary based on actual shipping and sales tax based on where you live. Essential oils and booklets may be picked up in class or shipped directly to you, depending on your preference. Some students may already have some of the needed supplies and do not have to repurchase them, which will reduce the cost of their additional expenses.

There are three payment plans available, please see page 17 of the ICMMT Student Handbook.

Students who register for the Certification Program within 14 calendar days after the last day of their prerequisite class will receive a $100 discount on their deposit.



Location: Seattle Location 1 -- Therapeutic Training Center (North Seattle) (please click on the link for location details--address, driving directions and nearest food and lodging)

For questions about housing and transportation, please email Robbin Blake at info@theratraining.com or 206.853.6875.

ICMMT Program Teacher


Raizelah Bayen, LMT, has been a practicing healing artist for over 30 years, offering both acupressure and massage therapy sessions, as well as instruction in yoga, massage, and wellness workshops. With axillary training in both aromatherapy and herbology, her approach to health is well-rounded and holistic. Her bodywork is integrative, responsive to your individual needs, and always in service of embodied awareness.

Passionate about teaching, Raizelah has trained massage therapists for over 20 years, teaching not only skills, but also how to deliver compassionate touch with presence. Her courses provide the foundation and instruction needed by massage therapists who envision blossoming into integrative health care by weaving tools from Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy. Her classes are holistic in nature, empowering you with skills to combine Meridian Massage, Acupressure and Aroma Acutouch Therapy with any bodywork modality.

Raizelah Bayen’s Certifications and Licenses:

  • 1991 Certification in Integrative Massages from ReSource Massage School in Berkeley, CA
  • 1994 Certifications (3) in Acupressure Therapy from the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, CA
  • 1996 Practitioner Certification and Instructor Training Completion in Jin Shin Jyutsu in Scottsdale, AZ
  • 1998 Certification in Chinese Herbology in Berkeley, CA
  • 2003 Teacher Certification in Dharma Yoga in Larkspur, CA
  • 2010 Certificate of Completion of Training in Western Herbology in Santa Rosa, CA
  • 2015 Completion of Aroma Acupoint Therapy Teacher Training in Santa Rosa, CA
  • 2020 Approved CE Provider by National Certification Board in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
  • 2021 Licensed Massage Therapist in Washington State
ICMMT Program Registration and Tuition Payments


  • Click on this link and print out the 2025 ICMMT Program Application Form.
  • A $250 deposit is required at the time of application, $100 of the deposit is non-refundable. Please make checks out to "Therapeutic Training Center".
  • Mail the filled out registration form and the deposit check to: Therapeutic Training Center, PO Box 66864, Seattle, WA 98166.
  • Upon acceptance, the Therapeutic Training Center will send the student a contract and a copy of the student handbook.
  • Please return the contract back to the Therapeutic Training Center (mail, drop off, or fax) and a copy will be sent to the student.

All Other Payments

  • Regular tuition payments can be made to the Therapeutic Training Center by cash, check or credit card.
  • Students will receive a confirmation of payment amounts and dates along with their contract.
  • Automatic credit card payments: students may choose to set up an automatic credit card payments at any point. Payment may be made with Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card.
  • Phone payments: Call 206-853-6875 to pay. Payment may be made with Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card. A confirmation of payment will be emailed.
  • Mail payments: Mail a check and notate on the memo line, the program the payment is for. Please make checks out to "Therapeutic Training Center" and mail it to: Therapeutic Training Center, PO Box 66864, Seattle, WA 98166.
  • Cash Payments can only be made in class.
Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy Certification Program Documents
Questions About the Integrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy Certification Program


  • If you have questions about the content of the ICMMT Certification Program or about being a ICMMT therapist, please contact program teacher Raizelah Bayen by email at openpathwaysmassage@gmail.com.
  • For all other questions (program details, application, payment, logistics, etc.) please email Robbin Blake of the Therapeutic Training Center at info@theratraining.com or call her at (206) 853-6875.