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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Programs with Lauren Christman


lauren-christman-2.jpgThe Therapeutic Training Center is pleased to host the Craniosacral programs and classes currently taught by Lauren Christman, LMT, CCST, CBSI/ATSI. These programs offer practitioners the opportunity to build a foundation in craniosacral therapy — as a complete and distinct method of manual therapy — and to go beyond that foundation in personalized ways. Coursework in classical craniosacral therapy (biomechanical) as well as biodynamic methods are woven together in the Core Series. From there, students can choose to include visceral, neural and myofascial methods — all taught from the same guiding principles and with the same teaching team. These programs, originally developed by Ursula Popp, LAc, VCST, are based on the philosophy and methods of A. T. Still, William Sutherland, John Upledger, Rollin Becker and Hugh Milne. Since taking over the program in 2017, Lauren has further developed the curriculum, drawing on the work of Ida Rolf, Tom Myers, and Jean-Pierre Barral.

Lauren Christman's Biography: To read Lauren's biography, please click HERE. According to Ursula Popp, "Lauren Christman graduated from my program in 2003, has assisted me in many classes, and was very instrumental in supporting my program when I started on my own (after I left the Milne Institute). Having her step into my program and continuing it could not be more fortunate. I am very grateful and excited to know that she will continue what I started, crafting it with her own unique signature." 

"Lauren is a strong example of a great teacher. Her ability to combine a rigorous intellectual approach with gentleness, warmth, nurturance and safety was amazing. She brought a tremendous amount to this group with her ability to give space to everyone so that we all felt able to be who we were and learn in our own style and pace without feeling 'less than.'" ~ Fiona Palmer, UK

About Craniosacral: Craniosacral therapy has evolved from roots in manual osteopathy into a method to a gentle, effective mode of treatment for people of all ages and conditions. Using our clarity of attention and depth of listening, we support and guide the body toward balance. Treatment focuses on the fluid body, which bridges the physical, emotional or spiritual dimensions. Craniosacral is centered in stillness and witnessing the unfolding patterns of health, first through the fluid body (the “Tide”) and then further into the dense body.

"I find the most marvelous thing to be the intelligence of the "Tide" expressing itself in the patient as I treat. The process of healing that occurs under my palpatory gaze amazes me. If anyone wants to be inspired in their quest for health, they should have the opportunity to look at how the body heals itself." ~ Paul Lee, DO

Perceiving and working with this intelligence requires a foundation in structural anatomy, particularly of the cranial bones, membranes and central nervous system. This is coupled with a thorough appreciation of the functional nervous system:  sympathetic and parasympathetic responses to safety, stress and overwhelm. Together, structure and function are expressions of our health and intelligence as human beings.

Engaging and freeing the body's self-healing capacity is the goal of craniosacral treatment methods. These methods are gentle – usually accomplished with light touch – and keenly directed – using on-going assessment and simple interventions to invite change. Each session is a creative dance with the integrated body-heart-mind of the client.

About These Craniosacral Programs: These programs integrate the biomechanical and biodynamic branches of craniosacral therapy.  Students learn a variety of perceptual skills, assessment methods, foundational anatomy and physiology, assessment methods for local and systemic imbalances, and treatment approaches for each of the three ‘tides’. Additionally, students are encouraged and supported in deepening their self-understanding and self-care practices – fostering the personal maturity and presence that this subtle work requires.

"Craniosacral is teaching me to grow my comfort zone, to trust and believe in myself. It’s also teaching me to slow down, be still and just listen, not just in my practice, but in my personal life as well. My entire practice has shifted and grown roots as a result of craniosacral therapy and the Core Series."~ Jen C (graduate)



Classes and Programs (click links for details)

Registration and class details are provided in individual class descriptions and programs.

Next Core Series and Certification programs will begin November 6, 2024.



Craniosacral Calendar (click on class titles for details)

Dates Class Title CE Hrs
Nov 1-4, 2023 2023-2024 Core Series: Class 1 28
Dec 11, 2023 2023-2024 Core Series: Integration Day 1 7
Jan 18, 2024 2023-2024 Core Series: Integration Day 2 7
Feb 7-10, 2024 2023-2024 Core Series: Class 2 28
Apr 11, 2024 2023-2024 Core Series: Integration Day 3 7
May 8-11, 2024 2023-2024 Core Series: Class 3 28
Jun 27, 2024 2023-2024 Core Series: Integration Day 4 7
Jun 28-30, 2024 Cranial and Fascial Balancing Methods for Newborns 21
Aug 14-17, 2024 2023-2024 Core Series: Class 4 28
Sep 13-15, 2024 Craniosacral Introductory Workshop 21
Oct 18-20, 2024 Visceral Mobilization: Freeing Fascial Layers among the Organs 21
Nov 6-9, 2024 2024-2025 Core Series: Class 1 28
Dec 9, 2024 2024-2025 Core Series: Integration Day 1 7
Feb 21-23 Craniosacral Introductory Workshop 21
Jan 16, 2025 2024-2025 Core Series: Integration Day 2 7
Jan 17-19, 2025 Freeing the Axial Skeleton: Myofascial Balancing for Craniosacral Therapists 21
Feb 12-15, 2025 2024-2025 Core Series: Class 2 28
Mar 27, 2025 2024-2025 Core Series: Integration Day 3 7
Mar 28-30, 2025 Cranial Nerve Mobilization--Freeing the Tethers 21
Apr 2-4, 2025 Supporting the Brain – Concussion, Centralized Pain and Select Pathologies 21
May 7-10, 2025 2024-2025 Core Series: Class 3 28
Jun 26, 2025 2024-2025 Core Series: Integration Day 4 7
Jun 27-29, 2025 Unwinding the Birth Pattern: For Infants and Adults 21
Aug 13-16, 2025 2024-2025 Core Series: Class 4 28
Oct 10-12, 2025 Visceral Listening: Enhancing the Motility of the Organs 21
  • Green Colored Classes:  The 2023-2024 Core Series is the current set of classes, which began on November 1, 2023.
  • Blue Colored Classes:  The 2024-2025 Core Series is the next set of classes, which begins on November 6, 2024.

Note: Students can start with the Core Series and decide to certify at some later point or directly enter into the certification program from the beginning.  All classes are from 9:30am to 5:30pm.



Craniosacral Introductory Workshop

lauren-cs-class-2a.jpgThis class introduces basic Craniosacral techniques and provides the analytical understanding of the related anatomy, physiology, and pathology including the core link between the cranium and sacrum, the cranial wave, and individual cranial bones. In addition to the technical and analytical learning, students will practice techniques to develop sensitive hands, an open heart, and the inner stillness needed to apply this work. At the end of this class, students will have the foundation for cranial therapy, including the theories, the personal presence, the ability to perceive the cranial rhythm, and the most fundamental hands-on techniques in Craniosacral therapy. This class is a pre-requisite to the Craniosacral Certification Program, Core Series, and some Elective courses.

Class Details and Scheduled Classes



Craniosacral Core Series Next Core Series begins November 6, 2024.

lauren-cs-class-3-2-.jpgThe Core Series serves as the cornerstone of Craniosacral work. It provides instruction and practice of the most important tools—stillness and presence, as well as the hands-on techniques, anatomy and physiology related to this work. Students will learn to perceive the cranial wave, mid tide, and long tide, and they will learn to use them fluidly to address systemic as well as localized conditions and client concerns. Students will practice activities to develop their communication skills, intuition, and ability to perceive the client’s overall energy and health. Students complete the Core Series as a cohort, developing bonds that allow them to explore this work deeply and safely. Students receive a certificate of completion upon satisfying the requirements of the program. This 8 to 10-month training consists of:

  • 4 Core Classes, each 28 hours over 4 days (112 hours)
  • 4 Integration Days, each 7 hours (28 hours)
  • 45 Client Records (90 hours)
  • 2 two-way exchanges with fellow students between each class (9 hours)
  • Total of 140 in-class clock hours

Prerequisite -- Craniosacral Introductory Workshop or permission from Instructor.

Program Details (click links for details)



Craniosacral Certification Next Certification begins November 6, 2024.

The Certification Program is expressly designed for students who want to dedicate themselves to developing Craniosacral therapy as a primary modality in their practice. It offers a highly focused, in-depth training with the exploration, supervision, and feedback necessary for students to develop a full Craniosacral practice with competence and confidence. Being certified also allows the practitioner to market themselves with a tangible credential. Upon certification, with their permission, Crafted Touch lists practitioners on its website as part of its referral network.

lauren-cs-class-1a.jpgThe Certification Program moves students beyond the foundations of protocol-driven treatments to a wider range of treatment possibilities, and fosters the skills of moment-to-moment decision making as well as the depth of presence that prepares them to accompany their clients through their discomfort, pain, and pathologies toward genuine healing. The Core Series provides the foundation of craniosacral knowledge and application; the Elective Classes enable students to expand their technical and interpersonal skills following their own interests. The added time and study allows for deepening into the work within a supervised and collegial circle – honing intuition, personal depth, and their trust in their healing abilities.

Certification Program requirements are as follows:

  • 4 Core Series Classes, each 28 hours long over 4 days (112 hours)
  • 4 Integration Days, each 7 hours (28 hours)
  • 4 Electives, each 21 hours long over 3 days (84 hours)
  • 45 Client Records reviewed (90 hours)
  • 2 Case Studies (50 hours)
  • 16 two-way exchanges with fellow students (24 hours)
  • 10 professional sessions received (15 hours)
  • Successful completion of 3 exams (6 hours)
  • Required readings
  • Study time
  • Total of 409 hours of class and extra-curricular activities (not including reading/study time)
  • Total of 230 in-class clock hours

Prerequisite -- Craniosacral Introductory Workshop or permission from Instructor.

For optimum learning, students are asked to complete Certification within 24 months of completing the Core Series.

Certification begins either with the start of the Core Series or students may elect to start with Core and switch to Certification at any point.

Program Details (click links for details)



Elective Classes

lauren-cs-class-5.jpgThese unique classes are designed to enhance and expand any practitioner's ability to work with clients.

Class Details and Scheduled Classes

  • Elective Class Descriptions -- (Brief Descriptions)
  • Some classes require students to either take the Introductory Workshop or receive Instructor permission to attend.
  • Anyone who has previously taken these classes within the past 5 years is eligible to review them at a reduced price of $225 for 3-day classes (regularly $410).
  • The following are the scheduled Elective classes: