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Certification Programs in Seattle, WA


Certification programs are designed for students who want to dedicate themselves to developing their modality of choice to be the primary focus of their practice.

lauren-christman-2.jpgCraniosacral Therapy - A Healing Art with Lauren Christman LMT, CCST, CBSI/ATSI   raizelah-bayen.jpgIntegrating Chinese Medicine into Massage Therapy Certification with Raizelah Bayen, LMT
 Next program starts on November 6, 2024.    Next program starts on January 25, 2025.


Our certification programs are regulated by "Workforce", which is Washington's adult vocational regulatory agency (the same agency that regulates massage schools and other vocational schools). The Therapeutic Training Center holds a Workforce License which is required for classes and programs greater than twenty-four hours in Washington State.

Each program has a student handbook which provides full program details.  Please call us at 206-853-6875 with any questions.