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Z2.) White Cloud Chi Nei Tsang: Wood Element (Liver & Gallbladder) (Seattle April 18, 2021)


Product Description

Instructor: Caryn Boyd Diel, LMT; NCBTMB #284826-00

About This Class: Students will learn basic hands-on techniques to restore health and vitality to the organs represented by the Wood Element; Liver and Gallbladder.  This course will:

  • present the history and fundamental principles of Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)
  • cover beginning anatomy and physiology of the internal organs from and Eastern and a Western perspective
  • teach students to trace the 2 Meridians representing the Wood Element organs and offer an appropriate treatment protocol
  • teach students to offer a simple CNT treatment which addresses the specific organ system and benefits all ages, including children.

This is one of 5 stand-a-lone classes, with each class 8 hours long.  These courses will give you a firm foundation in this ancient healing tradition. Techniques are easily incorporated into your existing massage sessions. .

What is Chi Nei Tsang?  Chi Nei Tsang is Taoist abdominal massage designed to provide deep healing by working directly on internal restrictions and energy blocks. Literally meaning, "internal organ chi transformation" or "changing the energy in the viscera", Chi Nei Tsang promotes physical, mental and emotional well being.  The historical roots of CNT are lost in the mist of time, however this treatment is now found on the menu of many leading spas around the world . Science has now caught up to how gut health affects overall health.

Chi Nei Tsang works mainly on the abdomen, training the organs to work more efficiently. Treatments affect all the vital systems of the body; digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, fascial and muscular.

CNT treatments can assist the body to detoxify and relieves the body of excess stagnation. Treatments also improve elimination and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system. This strengthens the immune system and resistance to diseases.

Chi Nei Tsang helps to restructure and strengthen the body by working on the fascia and viscera, which allows more freedom of movement for internal organs. This stimulates the organs to work better and helps to correct postural problems resulting from visceral imbalances, releasing deep seated tensions restores vitality.

What to Bring: Fitted sheet and bolster. Wear comfortable clothing as you will stay clothed on the table, with only your abdomen exposed. No oils are used in Chi Nei Tsang treatments. A facemask (disposable surgical mask or N95/KN95 respirator), eye protection and clothing protection (apron, smock, labcoat or 2 sets of scrubs) are required. For information on PPE items and preparing for class, please click HERE.

Travel Restriction:  At this time, anyone who is attending classes must reside in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  Anyone traveling from outside of these states must self-isolate themselves locally for 14 days prior to class if they want to attend.  We apologize, but this is a Governor issued requirement while counties are in Phase 2 of Washington's Safe Start program. We will remove this restriction when we are allowed to.

Registration Options: We are offering these two White Cloud CNT classes at a discounted rate if you register for both classes at once, versus taking individual classes. If you would like to register for both classes, continue on, otherwise, please click on the following links to register. Please note that by taking both classes together, you save $30.

Class Date: April 18, 2020
Class Time: Sunday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Location: Seattle Location 1 -- Therapeutic Training Center (please click on the link for location details)
Cost: $170
Cost/Hour: $21.25/hr
CE Hours: 8

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