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ZZN.) Thai Massage: 5 Classes (Seattle Beg. Mar 18 & End. Nov 11, 2018)


Product Description

Instructor: Kay Rynerson, LMP; NCBTMB 450656-08


About Thai Massage Classes: Done on a mat on the floor with the recipient fully clothed, the 2500-year-old tradition of Thai massage is sometimes referred to as “yoga for lazy people.” In this workshop you will learn to use compressions, point work and stretches to facilitate the free flow of life energy. Thai massage is both relaxing and invigorating, like a yoga workout. After a thorough western-style massage on the table you may be ready for a cup of herb tea and a nap. After a Thai massage, especially about half an hour later, you may find yourself in the mood to go salsa dancing.

At its core, Thai massage is energy work. You will learn a wonderful stretch for the external rotators of the hip, for example, but the intent of the move is to allow the life energy to flow so the body can heal itself. That said, the stretches are thorough, safe, efficient and ingenious. Thai massage moves reflect many centuries of wisdom regarding how to mobilize the recipient but also how to work in a way that protects practitioner’s body so as not to get injured. Although some point work using your thumbs is necessary, the emphasis will be on using your feet, elbows, palms and knees. The rhythm at which we work, similar to the in-and-out pace of breathing when you are at rest, is in itself relaxing.

With Thai Massage, pain is never the intention. Thai massage can be deep and somewhat forceful or light and relaxing, depending on the client’s goals and the practitioner’s style.

Although we will address the history, theory and current practice of this modality, the workshop is 99.9% hands-on learning. You will switch partners frequently in this class and will receive a handout which has pictures of all of the stretches.

Somewhat physically demanding, Thai massage requires you to be comfortable sitting on your feet with your legs folded under you. Painful joints of any kind are obstacles to doing this work.

Registration Options: Each class is a stand alone course, please see the individual class links in the "Traditional Thai Class Offerings by Instructor" section below, if you would like to sign up for individual classes.  If you would like to sign up for all 5 classes and save $80, please register on this page. The classes are:

Thai Massage: Supine Neck, Arms & Belly (Seattle March 18, 2018):
In this workshop we will explore moves for the neck, arms and belly with the client lying on his or her back.

Thai Massage: Supine Legs & Hips (Seattle April 8, 2018):
In this workshop we will explore moves for the feet, legs and hips with the client lying on his or her back.

Thai Massage: Side-Lying Neck, Back, Arms and Legs (Seattle May 20, 2018):
In this class we will explore moves for the neck, back, arms, and legs with the client on his or her side.

Thai Massage: Prone & Seated (Seattle Sep 16, 2018):
In this module we will explore moves for the back, glutes, feet and legs with the client on his or her belly and moves for the back, arms, neck and head with the client seated cross-legged.

Highlights of Thai Massage (Seattle Nov 11, 2018):
In this workshop we will explore the highlights of a full-body Thai session, learning prone, supine, sidelying and seated techniques. 

What to Bring: Set of sheets, bedroom-style pillow, kneeling mat or knee pads (if you use them), and loose, comfortable/stretchy clothing. Warm layers including socks are advised. (Thai mats are provided for students to use in class).

Class Dates: 2018 -- Mar 18, Apr 8, May 18, Sep 16 & Nov 11
Class Times: Classes are on Sundays; times vary, please check individual classes, but the vast majority classes are Sunday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Location: Locations vary, please check individual classes
Cost: $720 (regularly $800, save $80)
Cost/Hour: $18.00/hr
CE Hours: 40

Cancellation Note: if you cancel prior to 21 days before the start of class, the Therapeutic Training Center (TTC) will send a 100% refund within 14 days of receiving notice of the cancellation. If you cancel within 21 days of the start of class, TTC will charge a $50 administrative fee and will refund the balance within 14 days of receiving notice of the cancellation. If you cancel after the start of the first class, the clsses will be revalued at $160 per class--including the classes already taken and your refund calculated accordingly.

Traditional Thai Class Offerings by Instructor:


Other Classes by Instructor: