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1017.) Self-Care and Deep Tissue Techniques for the Hands, Wrists & Forearms (Seattle October 14, 2017)


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This class is full, please call 206.853.6875 to be put on the waitlist.

Instructor: Brian Utting, LMP and Rebecca Norton, OT/LMT/Certified Hand Therapist; NCBTMB #451040-09

Our arms and hands are tough, dextrous, and exquisitely sensitive. As bodyworkers, we often use our hands and thumbs as our primary instruments, and we use them intensively. But we receive little training on how to protect them (particularly the thumbs), setting the stage for pain, injury, and arthritis. In the first portion of the class, Rebecca Norton (OT, LMT, and Certified Hand Therapist) will review hand and thumb anatomy and common mistakes that massage practitioners make. You will then learn how to consciously use your hands and thumbs in a way that protects your joint integrity while increasing the potency and focus of your work. You will also learn exercises, stretches and self-care for the hands and thumbs, as well as treatment strategies for working with clients who have arthritis in their hands and fingers.

In the afternoon, we will focus on muscle-specific Deep Tissue techniques for the arms and hands. As massage therapists, they are perhaps our primary vehicle for sensation and communication, and we use them (and often overuse them) intensively. Our clients' hands and arms often take a beating as well, especially with so much computer use in the workplace and at home. For all the work that they do, our arms and hands seldom get the time or skilled attention that they deserve.

In this class, we will focus on techniques for releasing the muscles and fascia of the hands, thumbs and forearms; increasing mobility in the corresponding joints; and 'deconstructing' forearm muscles that have become glued together. You will learn some simple but effective ways to make your arm massages more specific, potent and satisfying-- and receive some good work yourself.

During the exchange portion of the class, Brian will monitor the effectiveness of your Deep Tissue techniques, while Rebecca observes and coaches you on your body mechanics and the correct use of your hands.

What to Bring: Set of sheets, face cradle cover and pillow; wear loose clothing and women wear a bikini top or comfortable, but covering bra.

Class Date: October 14, 2017
Class Time: Saturday 10:00 am - 7:15pm
Location: Seattle Location 12 -- Staybridge Suites (please click on the location link for details)
Cost: $170 if registered by 10/6/17; $190 if registered after 10/6/17
Cost/Hour: $21.25/hr if registered by 10/6/17; $145 if registered after 10/6/17
CE Hours: 8

This class is full, please call 206.853.6875 to be put on the waitlist.

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