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O.) Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: 5 Classes (Seattle Beg. Jan 26 & End. Jun 2, 2019)


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Instructor: Kate Bromley, LMP, RPE

About 5 Elements: This class is part of the Associate Polarity Practitioner (APP) certification study of Polarity Therapy as well as part of the "5 Elements" Series of classes. This class can also be taken as a continuing education class separate from certification.

These 5 Elements classes introduce bodywork for each Element (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth) as well as exploring the theory and indications for each one. By taking all 5 Elements classes, you will be able to work with the interactions between the 5 Elements and focus on your personal issues with each one. All Elements, except for the "Earth Element" class can be taken individually, however to get the most out of the instruction, they are best taken together where the bodywork, theory and exercises help students to understand the inter-relationship between the 5 Elements, the chakras and the Ayurvedic dosha types

Class -- Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: Ether Element (Throat Chakra) (Seattle January 26-27, 2019): Ether Element is associated with the throat center and the energy of the higher chakras. It represents the field in which all other elements function. Ether bodywork is calming and relaxing. It is designed to create space in the body, so can benefit clients with compression conditions, arthritis and damaged joints. It’s calming effects make it the perfect for clients who need quiet and relaxation. These are nice protocols to help your client integrate deeper massage work.

This class begins an in-depth exploration of the 5 Elements and polarity theory by focusing first on the therapist and how we develop the essential skills for this work. What do you resonate with? How do you create the space for your clients/patients to do healing work? Sessions include Ether Balance, General X-Technique and Variations, Spinal X-Techniques and Ear/Hip Sequence.

Class -- Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: Air Element (Heart Chakra) (Seattle February 23-24, 2019): The Air Element governs the movement in a person’s emotional life and their internal physiology. Air Element bodywork focuses on opening the chest area and working with the heart and breathing. Imbalances like anxiety, insomnia, lack of self-confidence, constipation or any lack of movement can all be addressed with air element work. These sessions are easy to add to your regular massage practice.

This class begins with the introduction of the Element Triads as well as a journey into the various manifestations of the Air Element in our lives. We will begin to use the Polarity health history form to determine what our clients need in the sessions we offer. The bodywork and energy exercises focus on the Air Element. Sessions include the Air Triad and Extended Air Triad, the Cardiac Regulator, and the Scapula Lift. We will review the Diaphragm Press from General Session.

Class -- Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: Fire Element (Solar Plexus Chakra) (Seattle March 23-24, 2019): The Fire Element is the positive power behind the movement governed by the Air Element and is the driving force behind bodily functions. It is the energy behind digestion, produces the clarity of insight, the fire of intelligence and is the warmth of the body and healing. Fire sessions are designed to move energy and to bring energy from the core to the periphery. You would incorporate them for clients: who need more energy, have digestive issues, want to move forward with projects and their lives or need to deal with anger issues.

We will review the digestive processes of the body and continue with the Health History for Polarity sessions. The bodywork and energy exercises will focus on the Fire Element. Sessions include the Fire Triad, the Path of Fire and the Umbilical Spiral for digestion.

Class -- Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: Water Element (Sacral Chakra) (Seattle May 4-5, 2019): The Water Element is the center of expression of the primal emotions (the here and now) and is located in the pelvic area of the body. It is about procreation, sexuality, renewal, regeneration and healing. It expresses the nurturing aspects of water that help clean and renew us. Water Element bodywork could be included in a massage for clients who are having menopause or pre-menstrual difficulties, lymphatic problems, difficulty expressing emotions, back pain or pelvic pain, sexual problems or sexual disfunction.

We will review the lymphatic system of the body and look at emotions and fears. The bodywork and energy exercises focus on the Water Element, sessions include the Water Triad and the Extended Water Triad, the Breast Sequence and the Lymph Session.

Class -- Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: Earth Element (Base Chakra) (Seattle June 1-2, 2019): Earth Element work added to your massage can help with intestinal issues, grounding, back pain, organization and survival issue. The Earth Element is located in the perineal area of the body and is the energy of foundation, organization and support. It governs elimination (with the Air Element) and structure in the body. We will review the structure of the large intestine and discuss the characteristics of Earth Element. In addition, we will learn about the Polarity system of nutrition and detoxification and we will also be exploring food as a form of energy and sharing morning Polarity tea and drinks and lunch together. Menus and food will be developed and supplied by class members. The bodywork and exercises include the Earth Triad and Colon Sequence. We will also do a review of the 5 elements and their relationship to one another. We will discuss and explore our interaction with our food.

About Polarity Therapy: Polarity Therapy is a unique blend of bodywork, exercise and self-awareness that works with the human energy field. Polarity Therapy bodywork uses specific contact points to help balance and stimulate the body's electromagnetic fields. The client and practitioner work together to design sessions that work on the physical, mental, emotional levels in a safe environment.

Polarity Therapy bodywork can easily be incorporated into other styles of bodywork and can be a very useful tool in helping clients be more aware of their physical body and energy body. The type of touch used ranges from very light to deep, making it a versatile tool for anyone doing touch therapies.

Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981), a pioneer in holistic healthcare. Dr. Stone held degrees in osteopathic, naturopathic and chiropractic medicine. He studied and tested health theories from around the world for over 60 years, successfully combining ancient and modern theories and techniques.

If you have any questions about this modality, plese contact instructor Kate Bromley by e-email at kmbromley1@gmail.com.

Required: Sher Smith, Polarity Therapy Training Manual 2 -- this book is used in all Polarity Therapy classes except for the General Session, it is a one-time purchase. Once you have purchased the book, just bring it to all of the classes that you sign up that use it. The price of this book is not included in the price of the class and will be purchased at the beginning of the first class a student takes that requires it. The cost is $45 and you can bring a check or cash to class to purchase the book. Please make the check out to "Kathryn Bromley".

Registration Options: Each 5 Elements class is structured as a stand-alone two-day class. You will receive a certificate of completion for each class. We are offering the "Polarity Therapy Elements" courses at a discounted group rate if you register for all five classes at once, versus taking one or more individual classes. If you would like to register for the set of 5 classes, continue on, otherwise, please click on the following links to register for individual classes. Please note that by registering for all 5 classes, you save $100.

What to Bring: Set of sheets; face cradle cover; pillow or bolster; wear loose clothing

Location: Please click on the individual class links above for location.
Cost: $1300
Cost/Hour: $18.57/hr
Hours: 70

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