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H.) Pediatric Fascial Balancing for Toddlers (Seattle September 23-24, 2017)


Product Description

Instructor: Lauren Christman, LMP; NCBTMB #450788-08

Working with young children (age 7 months - 2+ years) is probably the most fun a practitioner is likely to have. They are vital, mobile, tremendously present and prone to a range of modest health challenges. In this introductory course, we will look at the essential skills for working safely and effectively with infants and toddlers. To treat them, we will use a blend of myofascial, visceral and cranial techniques aimed at the relatively healthy child.

Much of the time we will be working on the floor, taking advantage of the child’s active nature and interest in play and exploration. The work is gentle, generally indirect (working with the body's responses to achieve change), and because a child's system is so available, the treatments tend to be short and immediate.

We ground our approach in an understanding of normal development (motor, cognitive and social), and then focus each session on relating to the individual child. Each child is unique in how they grow into their capabilities: actions, words, and relationships. This age group requires constant adaptation and improvisation, which is what makes it so fun (and sometimes challenging!).

This class will include:

  • a brief overview of skeletal alignment and motor development, so we can appreciate which patterns and movements are “age appropriate,” and when intervention is required
  • treatment strategies for common pediatric conditions such as digestive upset (from allergies or stress), head bumps or compressions (from increased physical activity), hip dysplasia, and common soft tissue restrictions that limit crawling and gait.
  • techniques will include mobilization of facial bones and cranial base; visceral treatment of the GI tube and respiratory structures; joint decompression; and gentle release of myofascia, and dural sleeve.
  • clinical portion to allow students to practice on volunteer models in a supervised setting; students work in trios or pairs depending on number of models available

Please note, we will not address more advanced treatment of children
with special needs or birth defects.

Previous training in cranial or visceral work is preferable, but not necessary. Class activities will include table work, partnered exercises, multiple demos by instructor, lecture presentation and class discussion. On the Sunday, we will host a clinic with volunteer toddlers; if you have or know of toddlers who would be good candidates for this free clinic, please contact Lauren at: lauren@craftedtouch.com

For more information about working with children, please read Lauren Christman's article written for the International Association of Structural Integrators Yearbook of Structural Integration, 2013:

"Developmental Considerations in Structural Work with Small Children"

What to Bring: Please wear loose clothing (no jeans or stiff fabrics) that allows ease of movement and palpation (through layers).

Class Dates: September 23-24, 2017
Class Times: Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: Seattle Location -- Crafted Touch Office Note: this location changed on 9/17/18 to the current one listed (please click on the location link for details)
Cost: $280 if registered by 9/15/17; $310 if registered after 9/15/17
Cost/Hour: $20/hr if registered by 9/15/17; $22.14/hr  if registered after 9/15/17
CE Hours: 14

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