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ZZZZZP.) Neural Reset Therapy® (NRT) – Upper Body (Seattle September 26-27, 2020)


Product Description

Instructor: Leif Grunseth, LMT, ATC, CNMT, NRT-M; NCBTMB #101

What Neuro Reset Therapy (NRT) Is Not: How is NRT different from the usual methods of massage, physical therapy, or chiropractic?

  • No massaging of muscles
  • No deep pressure required
  • No lotions or creams
  • No face down positions required
  • Done fully clothed
  • No stretching
  • No need to touch the muscle being reset
  • Can be done from the opposite side of the body
  • No joint adjustments
  • No mechanical, electrical or electronic devices required
  • No needles
  • No drugs or any substances applied

How Does NRT Work? In your body, there are specialized nerve bundles called mechanoreceptors. The receptors respond to pressure, velocity, vibration, stretch, and other forces. When receptors detect a change, a signal is sent to the spinal cord and then relayed to the brain.

With NRT, the therapist briefly stimulates the receptors embedded in the selected muscle by asking for a position to be held or for a movement in a particular direction. Or the therapist taps on a muscle in such a way as to cause receptors to send a special message to the spinal cord.

That new message goes through the spinal integrating center which will reset the nervous system so the muscle is optimized neurologically. With the reset, the muscular pain and tightness disappear within seconds.

What is the History of NRT?  To read the history click HERE

About This Class:  Each class member will receive a 90-100 page manual complete with detailed information on all the topics taught in the class and on each technique, accompanied by easy to see photographs. A richly illustrated PowerPoint presentation will cover the anatomy and theory for the course.

The upper body is divided into 20 zones to make it easy for those students who are anatomically challenged. Each zone has a list of possible resets for that area. The reset techniques are prioritized from the most likely to the least likely needed to release the muscle tissues in that zone.  Anatomy is taught both by a visual presentation and hands-on palpation.

Topics of the course:

  • The origins and development of NRT – how it came to be and the six powerful insights that allowed this approach to become a powerful tool for any hands-on therapist.
  • Understanding how NRT works – develop a deeper understanding about the importance of mechanoreceptors in any type of manual therapy.
  • Contraindications
  • Updated information about trigger points, bands, and nodules.
  • How to optimally palpate in NRT – with practice labs.
  • The importance of communication with your clients. NRT emphasizes clients to actively participate in their healing process.
  • The six application methods and tweaking developed to reliably reset the muscle tonus – with practice labs.
  • The Rules For Optimal Results – a complete set of guidelines to ensure that the therapist will succeed.
  • The Zones – the lower body has been divided into discrete zones to make it easy on the therapist to know which techniques to use and to serve as a checklist for a very thorough treatment session.
  • The Muscles – covered both in the classroom and in the hands-on portion of the course.
  • The Techniques – 28 techniques developed for the live course. You will be able to release the muscular pain and tightness for the thighs, psoas, calves, hips, glutes, low back, and abdominals.

Class size is limited to maximize your personal attention time from the instructor. Sign up today to take your practice to the next level!

Deposits and Registration Options: Payments can be made to the Therapeutic Training Center by cash, check or credit card. A deposit of $100 may be made to guarantee a spot as long as full payment is made by the first day of class. To make a deposit on the class, please call 206.853.6875 to pay with a credit or debit card or follow the instructions for mailing in a registration by clicking on this link for the mail-in Registration Form and just follow the directions on the form.  Unfortunately, the website will not handle partial payments so deposits cannot be made online.

What to Bring: Please wear shorts that are soft and thin, without any kind of stiffness. Yoga formfitting pants that are thin and stretchy are fine too. Bring a bottom/fitted sheet, pillow or a bolster as needed, Taylor style reflex hammer (if you do not have one, they will be available for sale at $10.

Class Date: September 26-27, 2020
Class Time: Saturday 9:00 am - 6:30 pm and Sunday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Location: Seattle Location 4 -- Holiday Inn Express (please click on the location link for details)
Cost: $445
Cost/Hour: $27.85/hr
CE Hours: 16

FOR ALL WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS: Please click on this link to read the Welcome Letter from Leif Grunseth to obtain specific details about the class and how to prepare for the class.

Reviewers Discount: 50% off of the regular rate. Contact the Instructor, Leif Grunseth, to confirm reviewer eligibility by phone (425-307-1545) or by email (leifgrunseth@hotmail.com). Once you are approved by the instructor to review the class, please call 206.853.6875 to register over the phone with a credit/debit card or register by mail with a check as the website only offers classes at the regular price.

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