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O.) Myofascial Balancing: Clarifying and Experiencing Full-Body Patterns (Live Webinar August 26, 2020)


Product Description

Instructor: Richard Polishuk, LMT and Lauren Christman, LMT; NCBTMB #450788-08

In our MFB structural bodywork classes, we focus on analyzing and treating one segment or aspect of the body. Here, we consider the full-body pattern, highlighting key elements of segmental alignment and how they interact. We'll share sensory awareness exercises that illuminate the experience of alignment, for ourselves and for our clients. Whether or not you've studied with us before, this 4-hour class is a great way to explore the dynamics of full-body postural compensation.

Join our webinar: Clarifying and Experiencing Full-body Patterns 

Join our webinar:
"Clarifying and Experiencing Full-Body Patterns"

Computer Setup and Items Needed:  This is a class that involves movement while standing as well as being seated for portions of the webinar.  Please have your computer placed in an area that you can see the screen in these different positions and such that the teacher can see you on the screen. Please have a firm chair to sit on (like a massage stool or dining chair) rather than a soft surface (like the couch) and a long pole (like a broom handle, ski pole or cane).

Class Dates: August 26, 2020
Class Times: Wednesday, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location: Live Webinar (please click on the link for details)
Cost: $60
Cost/Hour: $15/hr
CE Hours: 4

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