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O.) Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for Legs/Hips & Intro to Visceral/Abdominal Massage: Both Days (Seattle November 16-17, 2019)


Product Description

Instructor: Brian Utting, LMT; NCBTMB #451040-09

Day 1 -- Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Legs & Hips

The legs are often treated by bodyworkers for the least amount of time in a session. Yet they support the upper body and are under tremendous compressive force, whether we're moving or stationary. In this class, you will learn specific, potent, and effective Deep Tissue techniques to release the muscles and fascia of the hips and legs. Some of the specific muscle groups we will work with include the deep calf flexors (tibialis posterior, flexor hallucis, flexor digitorum), the anterior compartment, the quadriceps group, the tensor fascia latae and IT tract, the gluteals, the deep lateral rotators, hamstrings, and adductors. These are simple, straightforward, muscle-specific techniques that can be immediately applied in practice. Body mechanics will also be a focus of the class, as well as proper use of hands, elbows, and forearms to save wear and tear on joints.

What to Bring: Set of sheets, face cradle cover, a pillow, loose clothing, underwear, and a pair of loose fitting shorts. Some work will be done directly on the skin of the gluteal area, so please wear underwear or drape in a way that will allow access. There is also some standing work that is done directly on skin, so please make sure you bring a pair of loose-fitting shorts for this (not lycra or spandex).

Day 2 -- Introduction to Visceral and Abdominal Massage

The viscera are at the very core of our body, and are, along with our nervous system, a primary source of life. They are at the center of our structure, our emotions, our biochemistry, and our life energy. There are over 100 million neurons in the belly, more than in the spinal cord, and our enteric nervous system is a primary source of our intuition and "gut" feelings.

When we are anxious or distressed, our natural instinct is to protect our soft underbelly and "stuff" emotions there, causing multilayered problems throughout the body. The smooth muscles of the gut contract, pulling on the surrounding mesentery and fascia, causing not only gut pain, but back pain. In addition, surgery can create adhesions and multi-directional disruptions in the abdominal fascia and musculature. It is ironic that this vital healing area is often overlooked in massage.

The sensitivity and vulnerability of the belly is precisely why it is so receptive to safe, calming, and nourishing touch. We can soothe the enteric nervous system and the soft underbelly, sending waves of deep relaxation throughout the entire body. We can relax the smooth muscles of the intestines, which reduces pain, improves digestive function, and eases the fascial pull in the back and other areas of the body. We can sometimes separate post-surgical adhesions, creating balance and increased ease of movement at the very core of the body.

In this class you will learn simple and effective abdominal massage techniques that are easy to integrate into your massage practice. You will learn the basic layout of some of the area's major anatomical structures and how to identify, palpate, and treat them. This class will make your abdominal work more comforting, intelligent, and effective. You will be able to help your clients achieve deeper states of relaxation, relieve pain, improve digestive function, and help free up deep structural imbalances.

What to Bring: Set of sheets; pillow or bolster, pillow case, hair scrunchie or hair clip, wear loose clothing. For women: please bring a pillow case for a breast drape along with a hair scrunchie or clip. For Men: with our new regulations regarding coverage of the chest/breasts, please be prepared to sign a release allowing your chests/breasts to be uncovered during the treatment portion of the class, or bring a pillow case along with a hair scrunchie or clip for a breast drape.

Registration Options: We are offering Brian Utting's classes at a discounted group rate if you register for both classes at once, versus taking each individual class. If you would like to register for just one or both days, please click on the following links to register, otherwise continue on to register for this class. Please note that by taking the full two-day class, you save $45.

Class Date: November 16-17, 2019
Class Time: Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Location: Seattle Location 2 -- Staybridge Suites (please click on the link for location details)
Cost: $295
Cost/Hour: $18.44/hr
CE Hours: 16

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