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ZZZV1.) Mindful Massage: Working with Human Vulnerabilities in our Clients and Ourselves (Ethics) (Seattle July 11, 2020)


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Instructor: Joseph Rodin, LMT, Certified Trager Practitioner; NCBTMB #681

As massage therapists we have the honor of applying our craft in the direct service of improving people’s lives. Within this relationship between massage therapist and client, the client offers an extremely deep level of personal and emotional access, more than in almost any other relationship.

Every massage therapist will have a variety of passing feelings in working with their clients, including, but not limited to: gratitude, self-doubt, satisfaction, self-importance, enthusiasm, intrigue and frustration.  The trap of the healing arts professions is:

the pervasive fear that admitting these realities tarnishes our status rather than supports it, when we work with ourselves responsibly. Difficulties arise for the massage therapist in thought or action when these passing, yet inevitable feelings trigger a vulnerability for which we haven’t fully accounted for. In this group, we’ll open to the various thoughts and feelings that come with being healthcare professionals who are also flawed and human. Rather than push away reactions, we’ll look honestly at them, and how they can guide our growth, making us better resources to those in our care.

The Instructor, Joe Rodin, has an MA in Psychology and has about 16 years in practice as a counselor and in psychotherapy as well as being a bodyworker for 18 years and a massage instructor for about 10 years. His rich background makes this class considerably more interesting than the typical ethics class. Note: this class does not discuss WA state law.

This class satisfies NCBTMB & WA's ethics requirement.

What to Bring: Something to write with.

Registration Options: We are offering Joe Rodin's classes at a discounted group rate if you register for both classes at once, versus taking each individual class. If you would like to register for both classes, continue on, otherwise, please click on the following links to register for the class of your interest. Please note that by taking both classes, you save $25.

Class Date: July 11, 2020 (This class was moved from 7/18/20)
Class Time: Saturday  9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Seattle Location 4 -- Holiday Inn Express (please click on the link for location details)
Cost: $80 if registered by 7/4/20; $90 if registered after 7/4/20
Cost/Hour: $20/hr if registered by 7/4/20; $22.50/hr if registered after 7/4/20
CE Hours: 4

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