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V.) Joint Decompression and Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Hands, Wrists & Forearms (Seattle April 11, 2021)


Product Description

Instructor: Brian Utting, LMT and Robbin Blake, LMT, Certified Aston-Patterner™

(This class is full, please call 206.853.6875 to be put on the waitlist.)

Our arms and hands are tough, dexterous, and exquisitely sensitive. As massage therapists, they are perhaps our primary vehicle for sensation and communication, and we use them (and sometimes overuse them) intensively. Our clients' hands and arms often take a beating as well, especially with so much computer use in the workplace and at home. For all the work that they do, our hands and forearms seldom get the time or skilled attention that they deserve.

In the first portion of the class, Robbin Blake (LMT and Certified Aston-Patterner™) will show you how to use the bones in the hands and wrists as handles to release tension through the joints using a form of fascial release. This decompresses the joints and increases the fluidity of joint mobility. You will then learn how to use a couple of simple instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) tools to more specifically release the tension in small bundles of muscles in the hands as well as the joint capsules and ligaments to improve the pliability of these soft tissues.

In the afternoon, Brian will focus on Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue techniques for releasing the muscles and fascia of the hands, thumbs and forearms; increasing mobility in the corresponding joints; and 'deconstructing' forearm muscles that have become glued together. You will learn some simple but effective ways to make your arm massages more specific, potent and satisfying-- and receive some good work yourself.

"Great class! The techniques that were given were all useful and specific to healthy hands, wrists, and forearms. I would repeat this one." - Nan H.

"All my little finger joints feel so free, and like they are lined with satin." - Melissa D'H.

What to Bring: Set of sheets, face cradle cover and pillow; wear loose clothing and women bring a bikini top or a comfortable, but covering bra. For PPE, bring 2 facemasks (disposable surgical mask or N95/KN95 respirator – only one should be required per day, the extra is back-up), eye protection and clothing protection (apron, smock or 2 sets of scrubs) are required. For information on PPE items and preparing for class, please click HERE.

Travel Recommendation:  If you are traveling by plane, train or long-distance bus, please click HERE to read our recommendations for traveling and attending class.

Class Date: April 11, 2021
Class Time: Sunday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Location: Seattle Location 1 -- Therapeutic Training Center (please click on the location link for details)
Cost: $170
Cost/Hour: $21.25/hr
CE Hours: 8

(This class is full, please call 206.853.6875 to be put on the waitlist.)

Reviewers Discount: If you have taken this class previously through the Therapeutic Training Center, you may review it at a 25% discount on tuition.  The reviewer's price for this class is $127.50. If you are eligible for the reviewer's discount, please call 206.853.6875 to register or register by mail as the website only offers classes at the regular price.

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