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ZZZW.) Freeing the Breath with Somatic Techniques (Seattle November 2, 2019)


Product Description

Instructor: Karen Clay LMT; NCBTMB #451271-10.

Movement is essential to life. The most potent and universal movement occurs in the flow of fluids within our system. Breath is a means of reaching into our internal landscape to create currents of information, nourishment, revitalization and healing.

  • Breath can reach into places otherwise not accessible to the hand.
  • Breath can vibrate, hydrate and loosen tissues which are deeply held.

Come away with Somatic Breathwork techniques to increase the effectiveness of your hands-on work.

  • Expand your conception of "breath" to include not only its biological underpinnings, but also its potent and universal scope.
  • Understand the anatomical and biochemical features of the breathing process.
  • Learn how to use Breathwork practices to open the system, create change and enhance your own and your clients’ access to well being.
  • Learn breath patterns to increase the scope and versatility of the breath, and practice utilizing them within a session.
Learning experiences include: breath, sound and movement practices, assessment tools, review of the anatomical features of breathing, and techniques to integrate breathwork into a hands-on session.

Learning Outcomes
  • Observe the breath wave in a client and assess their breath restrictions
  • List the myofasciae employed in diaphragmatic and costal breathing
  • Teach a Breathwork exercise to a client
  • Use Breathwork to improve the effectiveness of a hands-on session

What to Bring: Please wear loose fitting clothing, suitable for movement, in layers for warmth or coolness. Bring a set of sheets, two blankets, (very important for movement work), a snack if you wish and a tank top to wear during assessment.

Class Dates: November 2, 2019
Class Times: Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Location: Seattle Location 1 -- Therapeutic Training Center (please click on the link for location details)
Cost: $160 if registered by 10/25/19; $180 if registered after 10/25/19
Cost/Hour: $20.00/hr if registered by 10/25/19; $22.50/hr if registered after 10/25/19
CE Hours: 8

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