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ZL1.) Facial Fusion Massage (Seattle April 18, 2020)


Product Description

Instructor: Debbie DeNardo LMT; NCBTMB #452031-12

The face is very often a neglected element in the scheme of a full body massage. Learn and experience a blend of facial massage techniques that are not only relaxing and rejuvenating, but beneficial for reducing the effects of stress, tension and aging that manifest in the appearance and conditions of the face.

Strokes designed to increase the circulation of blood and lymph in the face also work to remove excess fluids and waste products, making the face look more bright and vibrant. Facelift massage techniques work against gravity to tone weak muscles and strengthen the links between the skin and muscle, resulting in tighter facial contours. The stimulation of key pressure points of the face calm the spirit, relieve anxiety and benefit sinus problems, tension headaches, nosebleeds, twitching eyelids and facial paralysis. Relaxation strokes of various depths and styles further relieve tension in the face and enhance the overall experience for the client. This combination of techniques can be added in full or part to a full body massage session or can be advertised as a stand-alone service as well.

This is a hands-on workshop with demonstration and practice and is suitable for massage therapists, estheticians and advanced massage therapy students.

What to Bring: Set of sheets, 4 washcloths, 2 hand towels, 2 medium size bowls (about 1 qt) to soak washcloths, 1 coffee cup, a thermal carafe of hot water, and a Velcro headband (optional). Dress comfortably, wear no makeup (or at the very least no foundation) and preferably no contacts. It's best to bring a tank top to change into when receiving the treatment.

Registration Options: Generally when we offer multiple day classes, we do so for a discount.  However, with 4 classes being offered our system cannot handle it. These classes are normally $90 each and we are offering them at a discounted price of $75 each to encourage LMTs to register for what they are interested in, whether it's 1, 2, 3 or all 4 classes.  If you are interested in more than one class, just add each one to your order.  The other 3 classes are:

Class Dates: April 18, 2020
Class Time: Saturday 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Location: Seattle Location 5 -- Holiday Inn (please click on the link for location details)
Cost: $75 if registered by 4/10/20; $85 if registered after 4/10/20
Cost/Hour: $18.75/hr if registered by 4/10/20; $21.25/hr if registered after 4/10/20
CE Hours: 4