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ZZZV.) Ethics & Finding the Cause of Low Back Pain: Both Classes (Seattle July 11-12, 2020)


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Instructor: Joseph Rodin, LMT, Certified Trager Practitioner; NCBTMB #681

Saturday - (The Ethics of Treating the Whole Client)

A trap of the healing arts professions is feeling that we do or must have all of the answers to help with the full spectrum of our clients needs. Our clients, often convey many personal and somatic issues to us in the treatment room that are beyond our scope of practice to work with. It is often hard to know when our clients just need someone to listen to them, when we can/should help them with a problem, or should refer to them on to another professional. In this class, we will take inventory of our individual availability to be present for our clients emotional and physical needs and will refine our sense of boundaries, personal as well as professional.

The Instructor, Joe Rodin, has an MA in Psychology and has about 16 years in practice as a counselor and in psychotherapy as well as being a bodyworker for 18 years and a massage instructor for about 10 years. His rich background makes this class considerably more interesting than the typical ethics class. Note: this class does not discuss WA state law.

This class satisfies NCBTMB & WA's ethics requirement.

What to Bring: Something to write with

Sunday - (Finding the Cause of Low Back Pain)

When low back pain persists even with treatment, we need to expand our assessment and treatment strategies. For assessment, this includes broadening our focus to various structural and neurologic patterns arising from joints, viscera and myofascia, both local and remote. Manual practitioners fluid in differential assessment often have better outcomes with complex clients and work more efficiently.

For treatment, we expand our options to include joint and muscle myofasical release, and work through the various levels and various degree's of specificity.

Some of these low back pain pathways we'll identify and treat include:

  • Patterns originating and descending from ribs, thorax and neck
  • Patterns arising from the pelvic ring: Ilia, sacrum, pubis
  • Lumbar spine contributions
  • Referred pain from anterior structures, including viscera
  • Contributions from respiratory and nervous system imbalances

In this course therapists will learn assessment and treatment strategies to treat these five major patterns causing persistent low back pain, differentiating between neurological, myofascially mediated and mechanoreceptor contributions. You'll learn the symptoms that most correlate with various sources of pain and you'll learn to track ascending and descending chains separately and in confluence. History, dynamic palpation, and a multitude of treatment techniques are used to construct and execute specifically targeted and effective treatment plans for low back pain.

What to Bring: Set of sheets, face cradle cover, pillow/bolster; wear loose clothing.

Registration Options: We are offering Joe Rodin's classes at a discounted group rate if you register for both classes at once, versus taking each individual class. If you would like to register for both classes, continue on, otherwise, please click on the following links to register for the class of your interest. Please note that by taking both classes, you save $25.

Class Date: July 11-12, 2020 (This class was moved from July 18-19.)
Class Times: Saturday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm and Sunday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Location: Saturday & Sunday Seattle Location 4 -- Holiday Inn Express (please click on the link for location details)
Cost: $225 if registered by 7/4/20; $250 if registered after 7/4/20
Cost/Hour: $18.75/hr if registered by 7/4/20, $20.83/hr if registered after 7/4/20
CE Hours: 12

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