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T.) Essential Breathwork Weekend (Seattle October 21-22, 2017)


Product Description

Instructor: Karen Clay LMP; NCBTMB #451271-10.

Movement is essential to life. The most potent and universal movement occurs in the flow of fluids within our system. Breath is a means of reaching into our internal landscape to create currents of information, nourishment, revitalization and healing.

  • Breath can reach into places otherwise not accessible to the hand.
  • Breath can vibrate, hydrate and loosen tissues which are deeply held.
  • Breath can create a shift in mass and density.
  • Breath can increase receptivity and resonance of the whole system.

In this workshop we will enhance the versatility and adaptability of our breathing by exploring simple breath, sound and movement patterns. As we increase the fluidity within our own system we can find ways to re-new, revitalize and freshly navigate the rhythms of our lives.

Breathwork allows us to participate with the larger sphere of life processes and our biological origins. We are led to gently merge into the formlessness and flux that facilitates change and out of that discover the coherency of the system and its inherent ability to reorganize and heal.

This course is a self-development class for practitioners. Dissolve your own holding patterns at their deepest metabolic roots. Engage in self-care techniques and deepen your inner resources in this retreat-like weekend.

This course is also a professional development course. Your own Breathwork practice will enhance your ability to resonate with clients, and to help them access their own healing potential. Come away with Breathwork techniques to increase the effectiveness of your hands-on work.

  • Expand your conception of "breath" to include not only its biological underpinnings, but also its potent and universal scope.
  • Understand the anatomical and biochemical features of the breathing process.
  • Learn how to use breathwork practice to open the system, create change and enhance your own and your clients’ access to well being.
  • Learn breath/sound patterns to increase the scope and versatility of the breath, and practice utilizing them within a session.

Learning experiences include: breath, sound and movement practices, assessment tools, review of the anatomical features of breathing, and techniques to integrate breathwork into a hands-on session.

What to Bring: Please wear loose fitting clothing, suitable for movement, in layers for warmth or coolness. Bring a set of sheets, two blankets, (very important for movement work), a snack if you wish and a tank top to wear during assessment.

Class Dates: October 21-22, 2017
Class Times: Saturday & Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Location: Seattle Location 7 -- Instructor's Studio (please click on the link for location details)
Cost: $280 if registered by 10/13/17; $310 if registered after 10/13/17
Cost/Hour: $20.00/hr if registered by 10/13/17; $22.14/hr if registered after 10/13/17
CE Hours: 14

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