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COVID-19 FAQs and Links

COVID-19 FAQs & Links

Coronavirus Update

In-person CE Classes restarted on June 25, 2020 for the Therapeutic Training Center, Inc. On June 1, Governor Inslee authorized higher education and adult vocational in-person classes to occur as soon as the county the classes were in reached Phase 2 and they could meet the infection prevention and control requirements set forward in the set of guidelines provided to schools. King County was approved for Phase 2 on June 19. Like every other industry, education businesses were provided with a set of minimum guidelines, which you can see at: Phase 2 Higher Education & Workforce Training COVID-19 Requirements.

The classes through December 31, 2020 have been updated with PPE and other COVID-19 infection prevention and control procedures.  If you would like the jist of what it will look like, click: HERE. The instructors and I have created a 9 page infection prevention and control document to manage all aspect of classes to keep everyone as safe as possible. But this is only part of the equation.
To help LMTs navigate through our current situation, I have provided some links below.  If you come across others, please email them to me at info@theratraining.com.
We wish everyone health and wellness.

Robbin Blake, LMT

Dept of Health Pronouncements Affecting Massage Therapists:

  • Proclamation 20-24.1: Added 6/15/200. On 5/18/20 The governor issue Proclamation 20-24.1 which allowed for the restart of all medical services. By following the requirements in the proclamation and ensuring the county we work in has "surge capacity" were are able to return to treating patients/clients.
    • To read Proclamation 20-24.1, please click on the following link: HERE.
    • To read the governor's press release, click on the following link: HERE.
    • To read a follow-up memo by the Assistant Secretary of HSQA confirming that proclamation 20-24.1 included LMTs as well as an easy to follow checklist to know if you are in compliance for re-opening your practice, click on the following link: HERE.
    • If you have questions, please contact the massage program manager at the Department of Health, Megan Maxey, her email is: Megan.Maxey@doh.wa.gov.
  • Policy Statement BOM 20-01 Continuing Education Requirements During the COVID-19 Response: Added 8/1/20. Due to the issues surrounding COVID-19, the Washington State Board of Massage has temporarily suspended the 8-hour hands-on requirement through 12/31/20, however 24 hours are still required to renew. To read the actual Board of Massage proclamation, click: HERE. If you have questions, please contact the massage program manager, Megan Maxey, her email is: Megan.Maxey@doh.wa.gov.

WSMTA's "Massage Therapist Return to Practice Guidance":

The Washington State Massage Therapy Association (WSMTA) has worked to create a series of documents that comprise a "Massage Therapist Return to Practice Guidance" which is a trilogy of three documents, which are:

  • WSMTA's Interim Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment -- updated 9/18/20
  • WSMTA's Interim Guidance on Sanitation -- updated 9/17/20
  • WSMTA's Interim Guidance on Practice Guidelines -- updated 9/19/20

These documents reference original source information primarily from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American Medical Association (AMA), American Dental Association (ADA), American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), Washington State Department of Health (WA DOH) and the University of Washington (UW).

WSMTA cited original sources wherever possible, instead of writing summaries since the original source information is updated often as new things are discovered about COVID-19. WSMTA also did this to keep these documents considerably shorter. WSMTA provided commentary to highlight key pieces of information; when there was a lack of information from the original sources; or, when WSMTA provided recommendations or suggestions specific for massage therapists since the CDC and other agencies do not have massage therapy-specific information.

Sharing the Information: Because the information in our COVID-19 world is rapidly changing, the WSMTA asks that massage therapists feel free to share the website address to the webpage they reside on which is: https://www.mywsmta.org/page-1075460 on other media or with colleagues, but please do not post or share copies or links of the actual PDF documents. WSMTA wants to be sure that massage therapists are accessing the most current information and as soon as you email someone the actual PDF document, it becomes stagnant and is no longer updated -- these documents are meant to be living documents, updated with the latest information.  Thank you.
Updated 9/20/20.


Governor Inslee's Proclamations Regarding COVID-19:


Unemployment, Loans and Other Financial Things that Affect Massage Therapists:

To get help understanding the loans you can contact the Seattle or Spokane SBA offices. Click HERE for contact details.


COVID-19 Information: The following links have the latest information regarding the Coronavirus.