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Core Classes

Cranio-Sacral Core Series Classes

nhrcclassroom.jpgCore I: Transverse Structures, Pelvis and Mandible, and Cranial Wave

In this class you will learn to work with the transverse structures of the body, to ease and promote the longitudinal flow of the CSF. You will be introduced to techniques with the sacrum and all its muscle and bone connections and learn to address the many discomforts in relation to the mandible. An in-depth introduction to meditation will help you to develop the ability to be present and to skillfully listen with your hands.

Core II: Pelvis, Air Sinuses, Unwinding, and Mid-Tide

In this class you will deepen your understanding and skills working with the pelvis and sacrum. The techniques you will learn in relation to the air sinuses will provide you with ways of helping your clients with many complaints around their head. Your abilities as a healer will improve through understanding the Chakra system. The introduction to the mid-tide will provide you with entirely new ways to address your client¿s issues.

Core III: Sphenoid, Cranial Vault, Facial Bones, and the Long Tide

Much of this class is dedicated to working with the sphenoid and other bones of the head, increasing your ability to work with complex complaints from your clients. You will expand your intuition through exercises with psychometry. The long tide will move your understanding of individual problems far beyond the personal to the level of interconnectedness of all.

Core IV: Inherent Treatment Plan, Treatment Strategies, Cranial Sutures and Membranes

In the fourth class in the Core Series, students will learn even more technical skills. It focuses on understanding cranial work on the deepest level through following an inherent treatment plan intrinsic to each person students touch as they move fluently between all three levels of the tide. Students will learn several meditations which they can do with their clients to help access their client's deepest inner knowing--the soul. A protocol working with acupuncture points known as "Window of the Sky" will provide students with a powerful tool to work with the emotional and spiritual issues their clients might have.