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Seattle WA

Class Schedule for Seattle, WA

Seattle classes are held in a variety of rented classroom spaces primarily in the Fremont and North Seattle areas. Each class description includes a link for the classroom location details assigned to that class. Classrooms are assigned at least 3 weeks prior to class (often months in advance), but sometimes, based on changing registrations, it might take longer to post a classroom location.


Certification Programs

Craniosacral - A Healing Art with Lauren Christman: Click HERE for more information. Next Craniosacral Core Series and Certification programs begin November 14, 2018.

Polarity Therapy Certification with Kathryn (Kate) Bromley: Click HERE for more information.



Seattle, WA Class Listing (click class title for details)

Dates Class Title Instructor CE Hrs
Dec 1 LomiLomi Shoulder & Scapula Dance: A Union of the Sacred Marriage Kim Hartley 8
Dec 1 Resetting the Body After Injury: The Missing Element for Treatment Resolution Joseph Rodin 8
Dec 1-2 Polarity Therapy Structural Session Kate Bromley 16
Dec 2 Treat the Feet Dawn Schmidt 8
Dec 8-9 Deep Tissue of the Neck & Assessment and Treatment of Neck Ligaments: Both Days Brian Utting 16
Dec 8 Brian Utting 8
Dec 9 Brian Utting 8
Dec 12 The Ethics of Treating the Whole Client Satisfies NCBTMB & WA's ethics requirements Joseph Rodin 4
Dec 15 The Neuroendocrine System, Stress, and Massage Brian Utting 8
Jan 12 Undulation: A Tool to Improve Bodywork for the Spine Karen Clay 8
Jan 12-13 Breast and Chest Massage Satisfies WA's CE requirement for breast massage. Barbara Helynn Heard 16
Jan 12-13 Assessment and Treatment of the Lumbosacral Ligaments & Deep Tissue for the Back: Both Days Brian Utting 12.5
Jan 12 Brian Utting 8
Jan 13 Brian Utting 4.5
Jan 18-20 Cranial Nerve Mobilization--Freeing the Tethers Lauren Christman 21
Jan 19 Ethics for Washington LMTs Satisfies NCBTMB & WA's ethics requirements Dawn Schmidt 4
Jan 19 Introduction to Trager: The Art of Oscillatory Compression Joseph Rodin 8
Jan 20 Hawaiian Stretching Kim Hartley 8
Jan 26-27 Myofascial Balancing: Balance in the Neck and Head Richard Polishuk
Lauren Christman
Jan 26
Jun 2
Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: 5 Classes Kate Bromley 70
Jan 26-27 Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: Ether Element (Throat Chakra) Kate Bromley 14
Feb 8-10 Craniosacral Introductory Workshop Lauren Christman 21
Feb 10 Taxes and Tax Strategies for LMTs Brian Utting 8
Feb 16-17 Essentials of Intraoral Massage Lauren Christman
Richard Polishuk
Feb 17 Diaphragm: Myofascial Connections Beyond Breath Dawn Schmidt 8
Feb 23-24 Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: Air Element (Heart Chakra) Kate Bromley 14
Feb 23-24 Understanding the Somatic Nervous System and Proprioception & Evaluation & Treatment of Shoulder Injuries: Both Days Brian Utting 16
Feb 23 Brian Utting 8
Feb 24 Brian Utting 8
Feb 24 Treating the Source of Headache Pain Joseph Rodin 8

For more Seattle classes, click--HERE.

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