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Seattle WA

Class Schedule for Seattle, WA

Seattle classes are held in a variety of rented classroom spaces primarily in the Fremont and North Seattle areas. Each class description includes a link for the classroom location details assigned to that class. Classrooms are assigned at least 3 weeks prior to class (often months in advance), but sometimes, based on changing registrations, it might take longer to post a classroom location.


Certification Programs

Craniosacral - A Healing Art with Lauren Christman: Click HERE for more information. The next Core Series and Certification begin March 21!

Polarity Therapy Certification with Kathryn (Kate) Bromley: Click HERE for more information.



Seattle, WA Class Listing (click class title for details)

Dates Class Title Instructor CE Hrs
Mar 21
Craniosacral Core Series Lauren Christman 140
Mar 21
Craniosacral Certification Program Lauren Christman 230
Mar 24-25 Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: Fire Element (Solar Plexus Chakra) Kate Bromley 14
Mar 24 The Best of Indian Head Massage Debbie DeNardo 4
Mar 24 Facial Fusion Massage Debbie DeNardo 4
Mar 25 Treating the Feet: Turning Tired Feet Into Happy Feet Debbie DeNardo 4
Mar 25 Fijian Barefoot Massage To Go Debbie DeNardo 4
Mar 31 Treating the Source of Headache Pain Joe Rodin 8
Apr 8 Thai Massage: Supine Legs & Hips Kay Rynerson 8
Apr 14 Business Ethics Satisfies NCBTMB & WA's ethics requirements. Dawn Schmidt 4
Apr 14 LomiLomi Yoke and Royal Crown: Head, Neck & Upper Torso Kim Hartley 8
Apr 14 Somatic Balancing and Stabilizing of the Shoulder Girdle Karen Clay 8
Apr 14-15 Advanced Intraoral Work Lauren Christman
Richard Polishuk
Apr 20-22 The Brain and 12 Cranial Nerves: Structure and Function Lauren Christman 21
Apr 21-22 Polarity Therapy General Session Kate Bromley 14
Apr 21-22 Thumbs-Free Massage: Prone & Supine -- Both Classes Kay Rynerson 16
Apr 21 Kay Rynerson 8
Apr 22 Kay Rynerson 8
Apr 29 Introduction to Trager: The Art of Oscillatory Compression Joe Rodin 8
May 5-6 Myofascial Balancing: Balance in the Hips, Legs, Knees & Feet Richard Polishuk
Lauren Christman
May 5-6 Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: Water Element (Sacral Chakra) Kate Bromley 14
May 5-6 Breast and Chest Massage Satisfies the WA State breast massage CE requirements. Barbara Helynn Heard 16
May 9 The Ethics of Treating the Whole Client Satisfies NCBTMB & WA's ethics requirements. Joe Rodin 4
May 12 Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Posterior, Lateral and Anterior Neck Brian Utting 8
May 18-20 Craniosacral Introductory Workshop Lauren Christman 21
May 19 Refresh Your Intraoral Skills & Comprehensive Jaw Assessment: Both Classes Joe Rodin 8
May 19 Joe Rodin 4
May 19 Joe Rodin 4
May 19-20 Heartspire Lomi Loku -- Deep Tissue Hawaiian Style: Prone & Supine Kim Hartley 16
May 19 Kim Hartley 8
May 20 Kim Hartely 8
May 20 Thai Massage: Side-Lying Neck, Back, Arms and Legs Kay Rynerson 8
Jun 2 Abdominal Palpation & Treatment: Upper Abdomen Marty Ryan 7
Jun 2 Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Legs & Hips Brian Utting 8
Jun 2-3 Polarity Therapy 5 Elements: Earth Element (Base Chakra) Kate Bromley 14
Jun 9 Ethics for Washington LMTs Satisfies NCBTMB & WA's ethics requirements. Kay Rynerson
Dawn Schmidt
Jun 16 Heartspire Lomilomi Heaven and Earth - Head, Hands, and Feet Kim Hartley 8

For more Seattle classes, click--HERE.

For more details on how to register please click on--Policies.