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Class Schedule for Seattle, WA

Seattle classes are held in a variety of rented classroom spaces primarily in the Fremont and North Seattle areas. Each class description includes a link for the classroom location details assigned to that class. Classrooms are assigned at least 3 weeks prior to class (often months in advance), but sometimes, based on changing registrations, it might take longer to post a classroom location.


Certification Programs

Craniosacral - A Healing Art with Lauren Christman: Click HERE for more information. Next Craniosacral Core Series and Certification programs begin November 4, 2020.

Trager® Certification Program with George Gottlieb: Click HERE for more information. The next Trager® Certification program is being rescheduled.



Seattle, WA Class Listing (click class title for details)

Notice: In-Person CE Classes restarted June 25 for the Therapeutic Training Center, Inc. On June 1, Governor Inslee authorized higher education and adult vocational in-person classes to occur as soon as the county the classes were in reached Phase 2 and they could meet the infection prevention and control requirements set forward in the set of guidelines provided to schools. King County was approved for Phase 2 on June 19. Like every other industry, education businesses were provided with a set of minimum guidelines, which you can see at: Phase 2 Higher Education & Workforce Training COVID-19 Requirements.

The classes through August 31 have been updated with PPE and other COVID-19 infection prevention and control procedures.  At the end of July, I will update the classes for September.  If you would like the jist of what it will look like, click: HERE. The instructors and I have created a 9 page infection prevention and control document to manage all aspect of classes to keep everyone as safe as possible. But this is only part of the equation.

We realize that there is a big issue with asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic COVID-19 carriers as well as issues that we need to be aware of when someone has had COVID-19 whether they knew they had it or not. We are incorporating information into our classes to help LMTs to ask better screening and intake questions, modify technique as necessary, as well as to check for health to determine if a patient/client is healthy enough to receive massage and a massage therapist is healthy enough to give a massage.

On our home page, I have listed information on the licensing renewal extension as well as other useful links for LMTs in general and for LMT small business owners and LMT employees. Updated 7/21/20 at 11:51pm. 
Dates Class Title Instructor CE Hrs
Aug 8 Undulation: A Tool to Improve Bodywork for the Spine Karen Clay 8
Aug 8 (Webinar) ETHICS: Risk vs. Reward – Massage on the Ethical Edge Satisfies WA's ethics requirements Marybeth Berney
Lavon Watson
Aug 8-9 Breast and Chest Massage Satisfies WA's CE requirement for breast massage. Aubrey Lesicki 16
Aug 12 (Live Webinar) Symposium: Massage Therapy in the Age of COVID-19 Marybeth Berney, Dawn Schmidt, Lauren Christman, Robbin Blake 4
Aug 15 Injury Treatment: Knee and Thigh Pat O'Rourke 8
Aug 16 (Live Webinar) Keep Your Mask On: Modifying Intraoral Work During the Pandemic Lauren Christman 4
Aug 22 (Live Webinar) Hands-on Self Massage Using Hands and Tools Barbara Helynn Heard 4
Aug 22-23 Deep Tissue of the Neck & Assessment and Treatment of Neck Ligaments: Both Days Brian Utting 16
Aug 22 Brian Utting 8
Aug 23 Brian Utting 8
Aug 26 (Live Webinar) Myofascial Balancing: Clarifying and Experiencing the Full Body Pattern Richard Polishuk
Lauren Christman
Aug 29 Somatic Balancing and Stabilizing of the Shoulder Girdle Karen Clay 8
Aug 29-30 Massage Cupping Jason Abbey 16
Aug 30 Resetting the Body After Trauma Joseph Rodin 8
Sep 5 Assessment and Treatment of the Lumbar and Sacral Ligaments Brian Utting 4.5
Sep 9 (Live Webinar) Hands-on Self Massage Using Hands and Tools Barbara Helynn Heard 4
Sep 11-13 Freeing the Axial Skeleton: Myofascial Balancing for Craniosacral Therapists Lauren Christman 21
Sep 12 LomiLomi Shoulder & Scapula Dance: A Union of the Sacred Marriage Kim Hartley 8
Sep 12 Ethics for Washington LMTs Satisfies NCBTMB & WA's ethics requirements Dawn Schmidt 4
Sep 13 HEADACHES: Concussions, Dents and Dings Joseph Rodin 8
Sep 19-20 The Neuroendocrine System, Stress, and Massage & Connective Tissue Massage: Both Days Brian Utting 16
Sep 19 Brian Utting 8
Sep 20 Brian Utting 8
Sep 19-20 Myofascial Balancing--Joint Decompression & Myofascial Techniques for the Lower Body: Both Classes Richard Polishuk
Lauren Christman
Sep 19 Richard Polishuk
Lauren Christman
Sep 20 Richard Polishuk
Lauren Christman
Sep 25-27 Craniosacral Introductory Workshop Lauren Christman 21
Sep 26 Introduction to Trager: The Art of Oscillatory Compression Joseph Rodin 8
Sep 26 (Live Webinar) Hands-on Self Massage Using Hands and Tools Barbara Helynn Heard 4
Sep 27 Diaphragm: Myofascial Connections Beyond Breath Dawn Schmidt 8
Oct 2-4 Visceral Mobilization: Freeing Fascial Layers among the Organs Lauren Christman 21
Oct 3 Balancing the Pelvic Girdle with Somatic Techniques Karen Clay 8
Oct 10-12 Heartspire LomiLomi Prone & Supine: Both Classes Kim Hartley 16
Oct 10 Richard Polishuk
Kim Hartley
Oct 11 Richard Polishuk
Kim Hartley
Oct 10-11 Addressing Upper Extremity Nerve Entrapment & Facilitated Stretching: Both Classes Robert "Bob" MacAtee 16
Oct 10 Robert "Bob" MacAtee 8
Oct 11 Robert "Bob" MacAtee 8
Oct 17-18 Essentials of Intraoral Massage Lauren Christman
Richard Polishuk
Oct 18 Resetting the Body After Injury: The Missing Element for Treatment Resolution Joseph Rodin 8
Oct 18 Treat the Knees Dawn Schmidt 8
Oct 24-25 White Cloud Chi Nei Tsang: Earth Element (Stomach and Pancreas) and Fire Element (Heart and Small Intestine)--Both Classes Caryn Boyd Diel 16
Oct 24 Caryn Boyd Diel 8
Oct 25 Caryn Boyd Diel 8
Oct 28 Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Iliopsoas, Diaphragm & QL Brian Utting 4.5
Oct 31 Injury Treatment: Shoulder Pat O'Rourke 8

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