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Class Schedule for Seattle, WA

Seattle classes are held in a variety of rented classroom spaces primarily in the Fremont and North Seattle areas. Each class description includes a link for the classroom location details assigned to that class. Classrooms are assigned at least 3 weeks prior to class (often months in advance), but sometimes, based on changing registrations, it might take longer to post a classroom location.


Certification Program

Craniosacral - A Healing Art with Lauren Christman: Click HERE for more information. Next Craniosacral Core Series and Certification programs begin November 3, 2021.



Seattle, WA Class Listing (click class title for details)

Dates Class Title Instructor CE Hrs
Jan 23 White Cloud Chi Nei Tsang: Water Element (Kidneys and Bladder) Caryn Boyd Diel 8
Jan 30 (Live Webinar) Keep Your Mask On: Modifying Intraoral Work During the Pandemic Lauren Christman
Richard Polishuk
Jan 30 Taxes and Tax Strategies for LMTs Brian Utting 8
Jan 31 Introduction to Trager: The Art of Dissolving Tension Patterns Joseph Rodin 8
Feb 5-7 Craniosacral Introductory Workshop Lauren Christman 21
Feb 6 (Live Webinar) Introduction to Somatic Techniques for the Pelvic Girdle Karen Clay 4
Feb 10 (Live Webinar) Hands-on Self Massage Using Hands and Tools Barbara Helynn Heard 4
Feb 13 (Live Webinar) ETHICS: Risk vs. Reward – Massage on the Ethical Edge Satisfies WA's ethics requirements Marybeth Berney
Lavon Watson
Feb 13-14 Assessment and Treatment of the Lumbosacral Ligaments & Deep Tissue for the Back: Both Days Brian Utting 12
Feb 13 Brian Utting 8
Feb 14 Brian Utting 4
Feb 20 Diaphragm: Myofascial Connections Beyond Breath Dawn Schmidt 8
Feb 27 Understanding the Somatic Nervous System and Proprioception Brian Utting 8
Mar 6 Body Mechanics for the Manual Therapist Karen Clay 8
Mar 7 HEADACHES: Concussions, Dents and Dings Joseph Rodin 8
Mar 13 (Live Webinar) Hands-on Self Massage Using Hands and Tools Barbara Helynn Heard 4
Mar 13-14 Intro to Visceral and Abdominal Massage and Joint Decompression & Deep Tissue Techniques for the Hands, Wrists & Forearms: Both Days Brian Utting
Robbin Blake (Sun. only)
Mar 13 Brian Utting 8
Mar 14 Brian Utting
Robbin Blake
Mar 17 (Live Webinar) Mindful Massage: Working with Human Vulnerabilities in our Clients and Ourselves (Ethics) Satisfies NCBTMB & WA's ethics requirements Joseph Rodin 4
Mar 18 (Live Webinar) Practicing Safe and Smart During the COVID-19 Pandemic - An Interactive  Webinar for LMTs Lauren Christman
Dawn Schmidt
Marybeth Berney
Robbin Blake
Mar 20-21 Breast Care and Breast Massage Satisfies WA's breast massage requirements Aubrey Lesicki 16
Mar 20-21 Myofascial Balancing for the Pelvic and Shoulder Girdles: Both Classes Lauren Christman
Richard Polishuk
Mar 20 Lauren Christman
Richard Polishuk
Mar 21 Lauren Christman
Richard Polishuk
Mar 27 Taxes and Tax Strategies for LMTs Brian Utting 8

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